Getting Out of a Slump

It is finals week here at WMU and that means it’s the end of my first semester of college! The time has weirdly flown by yet been so slow! During this first half of the year, I have had many ups and downs. Recently I went through this slump. I had no motivation, I didn’t feel excited about going to school, and ultimately I didn’t feel like myself. I don’t think anyone likes to feel that way, but it’s hard to snap out of it! After finally feeling like myself again after a week or two, I thought about a couple of things that helped me and I think could help others no matter the situation.



Finding a new hobby is a way to distract yourself from what is going on. You can put more energy into something new that excites you rather than dwelling on your situation. For me, working out was what I focused on. It gives you endorphins which scientifically make you happier, but it also gave me a schedule and something to look forward to. I know working out might not be everyone’s new hobby, but it for sure worked for me, so find something that works for you!


Writing down what’s in your head is so beneficial. I have always been the type of person to have a journal because getting my thoughts on paper and out of my mind is very therapeutic. My favorite part about it is the fact that you can literally write whatever you want and there are no rules. It can clear up your perspective quickly.


Take care of yourself first! It’s as simple as that.


Even though spending time with yourself is very beneficial, surrounding yourself with other people can be very helpful. For me, it was just a great distraction, which is what I needed at the time.


This is the MOST important one. If there are people or things in your life that are taking all of your good energy and replacing it with toxic energy, it needs to leave. There is no room in your life for things that don’t make you happy and that’s just it.


These are just a few small things that helped me get out of my slump. Keeping a positive attitude is half of the process. “You can’t live a positive life with a negative mind.”

Good luck on your finals!




Let’s Get Back On Track

Hello. It’s been a while. A long while. In the time I haven’t been blogging a lot has happened. First things first I am almost finished with the first semester of my freshman year in college! It seems like just yesterday I was starting my senior year of high school and worrying about applying to colleges and now I’m here.

College is so different than I thought yet exactly how I pictured it. Everyone has a different experience so you never really know what it’s going to be like until you’re there. I had some hard times adjusting and who doesn’t? I hate to say this but it’s true, the first couple of weeks or months of college just suck. Everything is so different and new and you’re not really sure how to feel about it. You just want to be comfortable and safe in a familiar environment again, but you’re stuck in a place that is new and hard to adjust to. But pushing through and finding ways to enjoy where you are is the best way to go. Wallowing in the sadness of old memories and places is what killed me. Once I realized I needed to let go of the past for a little bit and start to create the life I wanted here, my whole mentality and attitude changed.

One day I woke up and just said, “Today is the day I’m going to start a better life. No more sadness, I am here and ready to put purpose into my day.” I am not one bit kidding. It was that easy. Of course, I still have bad days, but it is truly a mindset. Positivity works wonders. And if you don’t believe it, fake it till you make it and take it one day at a time. After getting out of the slump I was in, I found that working out was very therapeutic for me and something I looked forward to every day. Find something that works for you. It may not be working out, but find something that gets you excited, something that gets you out of bed in the morning and ready to get going.

College is a big adjustment. And doing little things to make this big transition more comfortable is what I did. I wanted to share with you a bit about my start and how I got where I am now. Feeling healthy and motivated to create I life I’m proud of. Get ready for a lot of exciting posts as Christmas is approaching us! Also new information on my job as a social media marketer and ways that has changed my life! Let’s do this thing!




Getting Back On Track: An Update

So I know… it’s been a while. Like a long while. The last time I posted I still hadn’t even graduated high school, and now there are 29 days until I go off to college and start the new journey! Ending senior year just got very hectic and I didn’t know how to manage my time. But now as summer is winding down, I am getting more and more excited to start posting about my college journey in hopes of helping you guys as well.

For now, I’m thinking a life update is needed. So here’s what’s been going on in my summer 2018!


I guess graduating high school was a big thing.

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After dancing for my entire life my senior recital was here. It was a sad ending to an amazing 16 years. But we still had nationals!

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Nationals in Las Vegas was everything I hoped it would be. We had a blast by the pool and of course winning highest scoring producer group dance overall!


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Summerfest is the best thing to happen to Wisconsin, period. It’s a giant music festival and I had a blast seeing Foster the People, The Weekend, Blake Shelton, Hunter Hayes, and more!



Oh yeah, I cut my hair short and I’m loving it! That’s it.

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So lucky I had such amazing friends and family with me to celebrate moving on to WMU! And the weather cooperated!



Nannying three adorable girls fills most of my week up but I can’t complain, just look at them!



We are Cubs fans and a trip to Wrigley was a summer MUST! Plus Gabriel had never been!

IMG_5557Processed with VSCO with acg preset

And now here we are, 29 days left of summer and I’m determined to make them count. Hopefully, more posts will be coming soon while I get ready for this next chapter in my life, COLLEGE!!!!


McKenna Marie


If You’re Feeling Stressed…

thinkingof you

The stress is real right now. AP tests, final exams, and senioritis doesn’t help. Recently I’ve noticed that myself and people around me are super overwhelmed with all of the responsibilities that come along with ending high school forever!

In one of my classes called human relations, we are learning different ways to cope with stress and how treating stress as a good thing can actually benefit you. Sounds crazy but watch this Ted Talk and see what I mean. I’ve decided that you can never have too many stress relieving techniques. And throughout the process of choosing colleges and applying, I have discovered many different ways to relieve stress. Let’s just start with my favorites.



This is honestly something I have loved ever since I was a kid. Recently I have gotten back into coloring when I am stressed. My favorite things to color are those GIANT princess coloring books for three years old. I’m not about that detailed adult stuff.


I had never tried meditating until the other day in my class when we listened to a meditation tape. It was very relaxing and didn’t leave me tired, it left me refreshed. I would probably do it again the next time I’m really stressed.


There is something about having a clean space that calms me down. Even if I have a million other things to do, it feels good to not have a mess around me. And I can put on some music and jam to John Mayer while I fold my clothes, who doesn’t want that?


Baking has always been my favorite stress reliever. Cookies, brownies, cupcakes, etc. Everything is fair game. Just the smells boost my mood.


Get everything off your chest. Taking the time to acknowledge your thoughts and write them down does wonder for your mood.


Get some fresh air!!!! Being stuck in a house all day can make you feel so gross and unproductive. Take a walk or simply just eat outside and enjoy the view!


Get a nice bath bomb, a good book, and some candles. Time to relax 🙂



I hope this helped! Next time you’re stressed, just remember that sometimes stress is a good thing. Learn to cope with it and you are set!






Friday Five – Prom Musts

As prom is approaching, (tomorrow!) I thought for this weeks Friday Five it would be fitting to talk about 5 Must-Haves For Prom!

At my school, we have a junior and senior prom. So I did go last year and I went with a couple of my girlfriends. This year I am going with a smaller group, about 6 of my close friends, and with my boyfriend. It’s my senior year and last high school dance EVER!!!!! With that being said, I want to make my last prom memorable and fun. So these are 5 of my musts to have the best prom yet!



I think your flowers can add so much to your prom look. Normally the girls wear corsages on their wrist, but this year and last, it has become more popular for girls to have small bouquets. My friends thought it was a cute and fun idea so we decided to do that instead. Little white roses with light blue and silver ribbon, IM EXCITED!



Ever since I got my ears pierced, (this year lol) I have been obsessed with adding jewelry to my outfits. Kendra Scott has been a favorite of mine and I had to pick out the perfect pieces for prom. I ended up getting the silver Elle earrings in white, and then the silver Elania chain bracelet with iridescent drusy stone. I am so pumped and think the right jewelry makes the outfit for sure.



Okay, this might not be a must for everyone, but our food at prom is not the greatest. So I recommend maybe having some food before you go. You and your group could make it fun and have some cute appetizers at pictures and just hang out while eating so you don’t starve when you get there and realize the salmon is grey… it happened.



Take A LOT of pictures. I want to remember this night when I look back on my senior prom! I don’t want to worry about them all being perfect, but I want to capture all of the fun times so I can look back and reminisce!



I am going to dance my heart out! Don’t be afraid to just have fun and dance out there with your friends. You only get one senior prom, and it is a dance so… DANCE!


I will be sharing some pictures of my prom on my Instagram so check those out!!!! I hope everyone has a memorable and safe prom!




Book Chat #1

After years of my sister trying to get me to like reading, it finally happened! I never really enjoyed reading books. I always associated it with school and homework but once I stopped looking at it that way, my life changed. I am now getting yelled at in class for no not being on my phone but reading. I am procrastinating my essay and study guide so I can read just one more chapter of my book. Oh and now I’m bumping into people in the halls because I can not look up from my book while I’m walking.

I guess it’s not the worst thing to keep you from doing your homework. But when the books I’ve been reading lately just keep pulling me in, I can’t put them down to do anything!!!! I am very excited to start reading more again and hope I can keep you guys updated time to time on what I’m reading!



This is the book that got me back into reading. I found it at the airport on my way to the Cayman Islands. The mysterious storyline really interested me at first and as I began to read I got so attached to the mother Ingrid as she describes the highs and lows of her marriage in letters to her husband. The ending of this book left me thinking for the next couple of days. I didn’t want to start my next book because I was still so attached to these characters after reading. I highly recommend to anyone. Loved it.




Okay first off, this is the third book in a series. I did not know this until 3/4 of the way into it. So I made that mistake. Second, I was pronouncing her name Laura instead of Lara until the last chapter so that’s good too! But everything aside I still really enjoyed this book. As it takes place during her senior year and she is making hard decisions about colleges and boyfriends, I felt I could relate a lot. It would’ve been great to have read the first two books before this but nevertheless, I felt connected to Lara and her peers and enjoyed her story.




So I started this book yesterday and I am only on page 81 but let me just say, I am LOVING IT! I didn’t think I would connect as much with the characters in this one and I was skeptical at first, but after the first couple of pages, I was hooked. I can’t put it down. Stoked to read the rest and see how this love story unfolds.




If you love reading, check out my sister’s book blog! Reading in The Wings


Friday Five – Confidence


This is one of the most asked questions I get from friends and peers, “How can I be more confident?” It really isn’t that difficult, but you need to be willing to change and accept your faults in order for you to become that confident person you’re striving towards. And that’s the hard part.

This Friday I decided to help out with that and give you, 5 THINGS TO INCREASE SELF CONFIDENCE. As a lot of people around me are heading to college and getting a fresh start, this is the perfect time to change yourself for the better. Let’s go!



This is one of the biggest mistakes people make, the difference is major. I found a quote on Pinterest that explains it perfectly. “Arrogance requires advertising, confidence speaks for itself.” BAM. Know the difference and you’re golden.


Simple enough.



When you look good it changes the way you feel. Don’t dress for others dress for yourself.


When you’re scrolling on Instagram, get over yourself and stop comparing your life to theirs. You are not them. You will never be them. You are you, so make the best of it. Appreciate what you have because you’re great and take time to acknowledge it.


We all make mistakes but learning to laugh at them separates you from the rest. Accept your flaws and don’t be so serious!


“I am confident because I can admit who I am, what I’ve done, and love myself for who I have become.” -unknown